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We are excited to launch the ITTI Care Project 2022-2023 Cohort 4!  ITTI Care (Infant Toddler Trauma Informed) is an early childhood model in North Carolina that seeks to promote trauma-informed, relationship-based care in child care programs serving children aged birth to three.

Over the past 3 years, we have had the honor of working with:

  • Infant toddler specialists
  • Child care health consultants
  • Community college early childhood practicum supervisors
  • Technical assistance practitioners from local Smart Start and CCR&R organizations
  • Early care & education organizations
  • 14 Child care centers & 96 child care classrooms
  • 8 Family Child Care Homes

We will be wrapping up with Cohort 3 soon and are looking forward to engaging new participants!

Our application is coming soon!

Are you interested in being part of our Cohort 4?

Please complete this interest form:


Please email Ennis with any questions you have 

Please review the ITTI Care Project Cohort 4 Overview & Application links (coming soon) & the following video. Please help us reach the early childhood professionals across the state who would be a good fit for this opportunity. This document details the changes we have made this year as we continue to expand our reach across early childhood education systems.


The ITTI Care Project Experience:

Let me try to find the words to express how fortunate I feel for my experiences with the ITTI Care Project. I have learned so much personally and professionally. I see, respond and practice mental health in a way I never did, knew I should or could. My level of acceptance and respect for ways to take care of myself and how others choose to take care of themselves has changed tremendously. I have great pride in being a part of this project and enjoy watching and helping it evolve. I know I can have a lasting impact on adults and children when I share, coach, and teach trauma-informed practice. Giving me hope for making real change.Gail Mattingly, Child Care Resource and Referral Programs Director/Regional Infant Toddler Specialist, Southwestern Child Development, ITTI Care Cohort #1
The ITTI Project is phenomenal. In our profession, it is not uncommon to put ourselves last, in the scheme of things. This can quickly lead to compassion fatigue and burn out. In the start of the project, you do a deep dive and reflect upon yourself. How many times have you heard that self-care is important? But do you practice it? If so, how often, especially when things get stressful and chaotic? The ITTI Project puts you at the center. If you are not mentally well, you cannot help others or serve from an empty well. Their motto: “To feel heard and held” and believe me, you do! They really do listen and support you. With the project, there is a lot of great interactive training. You learn so much. We use the Trauma-Informed Practices for Early Childhood Educators – Relationship-Based Approaches that Support Healing and Build Resilience in Young Children (Checkout ACCESS MAY Book Review) and Culturally Responsive Self-Care Practices for Early Childhood Educators books. Even if you do not participate in the ITTI Project, I strongly encourage these as must reads. Finally, the work that you get to do with the directors and teachers… I just don’t have the words. You build community relationships like none that I have ever experienced before. You start making connections around Trauma Informed Care and how it is something everyone needs to know and use. It just aligns so well with all that we teach and role-model. Christy Hopkins, EDU Program Practicum Coordinator at Stanly Community College

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

“Can I apply if I am a center director, teacher, or family child care professional?”

Answer: Only people who provide coaching to child care programs are eligible to apply (see overview and application for more details) – child care providers can reach out to people who provide support to their classrooms and teachers to tell them about this opportunity and encourage them to apply and to nominate the center!

Click here to learn more: Why is Trauma Informed Care Important in Early Childhood?

ITTI Care Model

ITTI Care Model